As both a licensed professional counselor and a licensed massage therapist, I deeply value the strength of addressing the mind, body, and spirit in healing.  I offer individual counseling sessions to address childhood trauma, PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, and addictions.  My holistic approach to mental health uses somatic (body-centered) awareness and mindfulness as a way to enhance traditional talk therapy, and it includes bodywork, EMDR, yoga philosophy, and guided meditation.  

I have worked in the mental health field since 2001 in a variety of settings, including psychiatric, drug treatment, and youth corrections.  After attending massage therapy school to pursue a career in the healing arts, I realized how powerful both mind and body therapies are for holistic healing. I have training in somatic psychotherapy and craniosacral therapy, as well as an extensive yoga and meditation practice which greatly influences my work.  I look forward to accompanying you on a journey of transformation and healing.  



Hello, I'm happy you are reaching out.  I am currently full and not taking new clients.  The waitlist is also full at this time.  I expect more space to open up in the summer months...please check back in August.  As most counselors are full, perhaps try other types of bodywork, acupuncture, etc for mood regulation and anxiety/stress management.